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Spencer Media Group is a new digital media company offering various video production and digital media services to support your business and institution. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, so it’s important that we get to the root of your needs before we jump into your project.

SMG offers interactive and linear video services shot in 4k High Definition, produced with animations, edited in industry-leading editing software including as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and exported to the proper format depending on your video strategy and your distribution platform and medium.

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Digital Services We Help With Includes


Filming and Editing Services

INTERACTIVE VIDEO: Create engaging video content
Are you looking for a way to create unique and engaging video content? Want to learn more about your audience or improve their learning experience? Interactive video might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

MARKETING CONTENT SUCH AS COMMERCIALS (Web & TV): Stand out from your competition
Do you want a Commercial to represent your company? We can work with you and your team to create marketing videos for your Website, Local/National broadcast, or YouTube.

COLLEGE RECRUITING / SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS: Get a video produced by a CBS MaxPreps freelance producer
Capture your child’s youth championship basketball game or high school football game under the Friday night lights. Maybe your child wants to compete in college and needs a highlight reel for sending to recruiters. A small investment with us could help lead to a big ROI through a college scholarship.

WEB & INTERNET VIDEO: Web video is everything in 2019, let us help give you the edge over your competition
Possibly one of the most important and overlooked components of your video strategy is how effectively optimized and aligned it is for the web and your social media strategy. It’s almost 2020, so take advantage of the various platforms and mediums such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more to drive awareness.

SPECIAL EVENT VIDEO: Enjoy the moment and stop filming these special events with your phone!
Special occasions and events don’t happen very often, so let us capture your special day! We can help with surprise birthday parties, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, sporting events, ceremonies, and much more.

WEDDING VIDEO: Among the most important days in your life, let us help capture the moment.
Allow us the honor of recording one of the most important days of your life. Love is in the air, and we’d be delighted to document it!

MONTAGES OR SLIDESHOWS: We love the challenge of making quality content from scratch
Did you go somewhere, take a lot of pictures and videos, but haven’t done anything with any of it? Pass it along to our team. Let us bring all of your content together to create a seamless highlight reel of the event.

REAL ESTATE VIDEO: Those boring still pictures don’t cut it anymore

Right now, Real Estate Brokers, Investors, and Agents are almost as cool as professional athletes, so how do you stand out from your competition? Why not take every step necessary for an advantage over your competition? By partnering with Ross and Adams, we have packages for Interactive Video Tours and more!

MUSIC VIDEO: There is more to it than just adding video to music
Produce high quality and unique music videos that help give your records a deeper meaning. We make your video look official, so you can load it onto your website, YouTube, Worldstar, or MTV.

ABOUT US VIDEO: We’re working on our About Us video as you read this!
These days, data indicates people prefer watching a video over reading text. Why not give them what they want as they attempt to learn more about your business, organization, or brand? We can help.

HOW-TO AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS: Step by step training videos for customers, onboarding, and more
Teach your audience how to do something with How-To and Instructional videos. Tired of repeating yourself to your customers? How about employees who continuously ask how to do X,Y, and Z? This is your solution!

FUNDRAISING VIDEO: Affordable rates to accommodate your budget
Drive awareness and help raise funds. We believe in giving back to the community and showing our support. It would be an honor to support you and your organization.

INTERVIEWS: Personable conversations that produce emotion
We will help you film a high-quality visual and audio interview with a customer, employee, yourself, or anyone else. Whether this is part of documentary web-series or a standalone interview, we have you covered.

AUTO DEALERSHIP VIDEO: Boch uses video in their marketing strategy, and everybody already knows who they are
We produce unique and engaging marketing videos about your dealership, a staff video introducing your team, a video advertising a specific car of the month, a common customer question video, or tips and advice videos to build customer loyalty and lead to increased sales.

PROMOTIONAL / PRODUCT VIDEO: Compelling videos that drive results
Do you have an upcoming event such as a big show? An in-store or website sale? We work with you and your team, creating videos designed to help drive awareness and increase sales.

DOCUMENTARIES & SHORT FILMS: Let us help bring your vision to life
Have you ever thought about producing your own short film or documentary, but you don’t know where to start? We help make your vision a reality by producing educational, informative, and entertaining digital media.

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Additional Digital Media Services

PHOTOGRAPHY: Since we’re already filming, we can grab some photographs too
Photography isn’t our specialty, but you might think it is from the creative, high-quality photographs we capture! And, if your needs exceed our capabilities, we’d be happy to recommend Christopher Huang Photography or Wedding-Studios.

PHOTO ANIMATION: Lively up your still images with animated photography
Animated images are great for marketing and promotional purposes, but they are also a great addition to your documentary.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Now that you have a marketing video, we can help get it seen
Social media and Google marketing is vital in 2019. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur with a product or service that needs be seen, we can help.

VHS CONVERT TO DVD: Dust off your old family VHS tape cassettes
It’s time to make use of your old family or high school VHS Tapes! Let us help revive them with new life. We can add them to YouTube or make DVDs, whichever you prefer.

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